Day 7 we crossed another 11600' pass, this one broad and gradual, also with stunning views of the peaks. Then all the way down to 9700' to one of our favorite lakes. As we neared the lake, we found an illegal cache of supplies torn apart by someone with large teeth and claws -- umm, something must have smelled fishy to attract that bear. The fish are just preparing to spawn, swirling in the current where the small inlet stream enters the lake. We were not the only ones fishing -- an eagle soared overhead, and there are a few feathers on the ground. We were extra careful with hanging our food.  On Day 8 we fished in the morning, then moved gradually down the drainage, a leisurely day with an early fish dinner on shore.


  • Climbing the pass, 11600'
    • Another nice golden released
    • Larkspur
    • Colleen's catch (photo by Jim Smith)
    • Waterfall on Bull Lake Creek
    • Willow
    • Unnamed Lk, 9505', Windy Ridge in background