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This page is intended to promote the preservation of these cultural resources of international importance.
I enjoy visiting and photographing the sites, and thinking about those who lived in North American before our present civilization.

Yellowstone National Park Yes, American Indians lived in the area we call Yellowstone.

Obsidian Cliff   Important volcanic glass deposit that was traded widely.  This obsidian has been found as far away as in Hopewell people's earthworks in Ohio ! The Hopewell earthworks were built approximately 2000 years ago.

Some Native American Antiquities

A mixture of midwest US items, including:
--Aztalan (Wisconsin) and Cahokia Mounds (outside St. Louis). These are 'Mississippian' earthworks, a culture with corn agriculture, which allowed population centers. 

--Petroglyphs at Roche a Cri WI
--Petroglyphs at Wash St. Park MO
Both of these are carved in rock, and have some figures in common. The Roche a Cri site is more heavily damaged.

--Indian Mounds Park, St Paul, MN
       This is a Hopewell site overlooking the Mississippi River. There were carvings in a cave below the bluff, but those have eroded over time.

 Legend Rock Petroglyphs, WY These carvings are really amazing, many were created by the "pecked" (rather than incised) techniques. The oldest are from the "paleoindian" period, approximately 6000 years ago.

Wisconsin Indian Mounds (plus one North Dakota)     Mainly effigy mounds, or earthworks in the shape of animals. The effigy mound builders are thought to have lived more recently than the builders of the Hopewell earthworks. The oral history of the present-day Ho Chunk tribe of Wisconsin claims the effigy mound builders as their ancestors.
   At the North Dakota mound site (near Valley City) most of the earthworks have been obliterated, but there is an interpretive sign. These may have been by the Hopewell people.

Ohio Native American Antiquities
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Inscription Rock, Kellys Island, Lake Erie, Ohio
Engravings on limestone approximately 300~400 years old. Deteriorated significantly. 

Hopewell National Historic Park, Chillicothe, OH

Amazingly huge earthworks!
        Mound City Group
        Hopewell Mound Group
        Seip Mound Group, Paint Ck Valley
        Hopeton Mounds

Hopewell Earthworks near Newark and Heath, OH Great Circle Earthworks
Octagon Earthworks (astronomically significant)

Serpent Mound, near Peebles OH

Fort Hill earthworks (en route to Serpent Mound)

Highbanks Metro Park earthworks (near Columbus OH)

Flint Ridge, OH  10,000 yrs of quarrying!

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