• "Bookend" mountain sunrise
  • Alpine bistort
  • White bog orchid
  • Lewis monkey flower
  • Rose crown
  • (very small growing on shore of Grave Lake in sand)
  • Fish dinner
  • Sunrise on Vernal Lake
  • Sunrise -- last day in paradise

My photography and fishing were inhibited early in the trip by an insect bite that made one eye swell nearly shut. After my eye healed, I spent nearly a whole day with macro on Pentax Q near camp, including the hyper-closeups of the elephant head on the previous page.  Vernal Lake, hungry cutthroat trout fed hungry hikers. Coyotes in the night, first distant then very close. 

Last day hike we explored new territory, discovering a seldom-used and unblazed trail from Vernal Lake to Mary's Lake. The tread is distinct and more than an animal trail -- an interesting diversion that took us to Lost Lake. Nancy Pallister's excellent book on the Wind River area has other information on hiking on the Reservation.  A final thanks to the tribes for selling the permits to the public.