Hike along a river with wildflowers and trout. This trail leads into the Spanish Peaks Wilderness. Most of the way you will be in shade, so enjoy the cool. You can go as far as you want. I turned around at a trail junction and creek junction.
 Trailhead is off Hwy 191 in Gallatin Canyon, just across the road from Garnet and Storm Castle. 
   Date: Sept 5, 2011

Photos by Colleen F. Moore

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  • CFM_1461
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  • Hellroaring Creek, Trailhead, View of Storm Castle

  • CFM_1452
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  • Hellroaring Creek, Mimulus guttatus, Seep monkey-flower

  • CFM_1450
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  • coral root, corallorhiza, Hellroaring Creek, Orchid

  • CFM_1458
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  • Hellroaring Creek, trail junction

  • CFM_1455
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  • Hellroaring Creek