Here is an index of GPX files from day hikes around the Bozeman, MT area

Download the file. Save as plain text (not html) with just the .gpx extension, nothing added. Open with Google Earth, check all the boxes: Create KML tracks, Create KML line strings, and Adjust altitudes to ground height. Google earth will fly you to the location. 
   Most of the files also show the car parking area, trail junctions, and some wildflower locations. 

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  • Beehive Basin, MT

  • CFM_1977
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  • Bog Orchid, Lava Lake, Orchid, Platanthera spp.
List of gpx files:
Albino Lake (Taylor fork, south of Big Sky)
Beehive Basin (near Big Sky ski resort)
Deer Lake / Moon Lake (4 mi north of Big Sky)
Garnet Peak (in Gallatin Canyon)
Hellroaring Creek (in Gallatin Canyon)
Lava Lake (in Gallatin Canyon)
Spanish Creek (in Gallatin Canyon)
Swan Creek (in Gallatin Canyon)

Drinking Horse Mountain (near the M Trail)
Foothills Trail (in Bridger range)
Heather and Emily Lakes (in Hyalite area)
Kirk's Hill (in Hyalite area)
M Trail (in Bridger range)
Middle Cottonwood (in Bridger range)
New World Gulch (in Hyalite area)
North Cottonwood (in Bridger range)
South Cottonwood (in Hyalite area)
Sypes Canyon (in Bridger range)

Madison Buffalo Jump State Park (overlooks Madison River)